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Sycamore St. Improvement Project (Complete Streets)

A project design for multi-modal safety improvements on Sycamore Street near the Metro Station is now complete.

Details can be seen at the links below:

View Concept Design

Concept Plan Summary

Learn More Here



Invasive Plant Removal Volunteers needed for Brandymore Castle

A note from Jennifer Soles, Arlington County Parks Department

Dear Brandymore Castle, Madison Manor Park Neighbors,

Please pass this information on to your neighborhood, thanks! 

For the last few years, Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation has been managing invasive plants in some areas of Madison Manor Park.  This work is part of a larger effort by Arlington County. Removing invasive plants allows our native trees and plants to grow, providing better habitat for wildlife, and protects high quality natural areas.

In the next few weeks, we will be working at Brandymore Castle to treat evergreen invasive plants such as English ivy.  The contractors will use an EPA-approved herbicide that is formulated for use near water in natural areas.  As always, when we work in the area, signage will be placed in areas treated with herbicides and it is recommended that park users avoid these areas until after the material has dried and the signs are removed.  A harmless blue dye is added to the mix to mark the plants where it has been applied. These areas will recover naturally and through planting of additional native trees and shrubs over the next several years. 

Thanks to all the volunteer service over the years at this location, the contractors will be able to use less herbicide and spend less time in the park, saving taxpayer dollars, as well as needing to use less . If you are interested in helping improve habitat here, visit to learn about upcoming workdays on the last Wednesdays and first Sundays of every month.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this project.  If you have any questions, please email me, Jennifer Soles, Natural Resources Specialist, at  

Volunteers Needed for Arlington Neighborhoods Program and Complete Streets Initiative

Volunteer needed to represent AEFCCA at the Arlington Neighborhoods Advisory Committee (ArNAC -- formerly Neighborhood Conservation Program/NCAC).  Contact John at  Duties:  Attend one monthly meeting (in person or virtually).  The Commitee reviews proposals for small neighborhood improvement projects such as street lights, small parks and playgrounds, sidewalk and gutters, and more.  The AEFCCA has gone to the Program for many such projects over the past 60 years and currently has a project in the hopper for improvement of Stewart Park's playground equipment.   This is an important source of funding for neighborhood level investments that are identified by neighborhood residents themeselves.  You may learn more about Arlington Neighborhoods Program   Arlington Neighborhoods Program


Interested in safer streets for pedestrians?  The Arlington Neighborhoods Program (ArNAC) is looking for volunteers  to work on a committee to coordinate with the County's Completes Streets Program to help plan and implement new infrastructure (sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, stop signs, etc.).   Contact John Wilson at if interested.

Weigh in on County Budget Priorities

Arlington County wants to know what you think about the County's spending priorities in 2024:

2024 Budget Priorities Input

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The County Manager's Office of Communications and Public Engagement is also there to help citizens understand, navigate and participate in local government.   See more of what they do on their webpage: 

Public Engagement

Crossman Run Stormwater Improvements

Arlington County is planning to improve stormwater resilience in the Crossman Run watershed which lies in our Civic Association area.  For details go to:

Crossman Run Flood Resilience Plan

Helicopter Noise Complaint Links

Are the Choppers bugging you too? Here's where you can learn more and get you two cents in!

Plan Langston Blvd. and East Falls Church

The AEFCCA area was not included in Plan Langston Boulevard (approved by the County Board on November 11,2023) because it already has a relatively recent redevelopment plan: The East Falls Church Area Plan (you may find it under the Planning tab, above).  At the November 11 County Board meeting, the Board members voted (unanimously) to commit to take action in the short term to bring WMATA (Metro) and VDOT together to discuss their interest in joint development of the Park and Ride site which they own.  Only after confirming such interest, a review of the East Falls Church Area Plan could then take place, but is not likely to occur for several years.  The County's stated purpose of such a review is to "align" the goals and recommendations of the East Falls Church Area Plan with those of Plan Langston.   This is not likely to be a difficult task as the goals of both Plans are largely the same: transit-oriented development that promotes economic vitality and environmental sustainability, that diversifies the housing stock available for families of diverse economic means, that creates a sense of place, and that promotes streetscapes that are safe for all.

For more info:

Langston Blvd Plan

Arlington Neighborhoods Program Proposal for Stewart Park Playground

Area residents and users of the Stewart Park Playground were seeking funding under the Arlington Neighborhoods Program (ANP) to replace the aging playground equipment and facilities.  The project was presented to and given priority by the AEFCCA Executive Board  and is now formally in the ANP queue.  It will be two years, however, before design can begin.  In the meanwhile, other sources of capital funding can be pursued by interested neighbors.