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Missing Middle News

You can view a recording of the County Board's March 18th meeting, at which the Missing Middle/Expanded Housing Options proposal was considered,  HERE.

More Public Comment (in addition to the 230 or so on Saturday) will be heard at the Recessed Meeting on Tuesday, March 21 after 6:30 PM.  The Board will then discuss the proposed zoning amendments and vote on Tuesday evening or Wednesday, after 4PM.  Regular monthly County Board meetings (and some Work Sessions) are broadcast on local access TV:

  • Comcast Xfinity 1085 in HD
  • Comcast Xfinity 25 (SD)
  • Verizon FiOS 39 & 40 (SD)

For general information on the Missing Middle Housing Study look here:

Missing Middle

Arlington Neighborhoods Program

The Program is seeking community input on how to expand the kinds of projects it supports.  For details click here:  Link

Until now, projects have been limited to capital improvements to neighborhood streets such as curb, gutter, streetlights, beautification projects, and small parks.  The Program would like to widen its scope to include support for other actions that support healthy, safe, and vibrant communities.  All ideas are welcome!   

The Fall 2022 General Meeting

The Fall 2022 AEFCCA General Meeting was held Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 7pm at Tuckahoe Elementary School.  We had a great turnout!   Tuckahoe Park Steward Mary Mclean offered a detailed overview of park preservation and enhancement activities she has led in recent years.  Amy Hjerstedt introduced the membership to and invited all to participate in the ECO Arlington program.  Our special guest, Arlington County Board Member Matt de Ferranti spoke and took various questions from the membership.  See these recordings on YouTube:  

AEFCCA November 17 2022 general meeting - YouTube

AEFCCA November 17 2022 2 - YouTube

AEFCCA November 17 2022 3 - YouTube