Arlington-East Falls Church Civic Association

                                                                   Part of Arlington since 1936  

The Arlington-East Falls Church Civic Association (AEFCCA)
is a non-profit, non-partisan association of residents, property owners,
employers, and employees that interacts with the Arlington County Board and staff,
the Arlington County Civic Federation, and a variety of local and regional organizations
to promote the interests and general welfare of the citizens
who live and work in the Arlington-East Falls Church neighborhood of Arlington County.

AEFCCA represents approximately 1,800 households
in the western-most portion of Arlington County in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Arlington is located in Northern Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington, DC.


High Impact Arlington - East Falls Church Area Projects

Causing: Traffic congestion, roadway noise, unsafe walking & biking, visual blight & construction disruption

What you can do: Use this chart to educate yourself, Check to keep up to date, 

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High Occupancy I-66 Tolling Through 


VDOT Fact Sheet

AEFCCA neighborhood is the “gateway” into Arlington from I-66 East bound

AEFCCA Membership 

Neighborhood Priority Survey

information will be used to

prioritize our community’s needs

Due - May 15th




East bound 5:30-9:30 AM 

& West bound 3-7 PM

EZ Pass Required 

Unknown local road impact in surrounding neighborhoods

The AEFCCA will communicate with both Arlington County and VODT to share our needs due to our unique position along I-66 and work to implement solutions 


Begins Summer 2017

HOV-3, motorcycles & buses exempt

Unchanged or degraded traffic conditions after tolling in AEFCCA area

 (see slides #13 & 14)

Design roadways, sidewalks to make a functional & SAFE intersection


Toll revenue can only be used for projects selected by NVTC

See list of Projects 

submitted by 

Arlington County 

Public comment via email or at a public hearing 

Due - May 5th


I-66 Widening Adding New East Bound Lane

Increase throughput by widening from 2 to 3 lanes between Dulles Connector Road to Ballston - 

(Begins 2018 - 2020)

Further separation of our neighborhood, noise,  pollution, taking of greenway,  imposing sound walls and further unknowns

Still to be determined  

environmental assessment & analysis for sound walls and engineering plan

Deteriorated & 

Ineffective sound walls East bound

Project delayed due to accelerated  I-66
widening plan

Noise & Pollution to homes along sound wall

Meetings with delegate Patrick Hope with neighbors impacted & communication with VDOT
in progress



Widened I-66 Ramp &  Roadway West of 25th Street - Spot 2 Project (VDOT)

Increase West Bound 


Degraded Pedestrian and bike access to Silver/Orange lines. Car speed has increased since new ramps

Requests to County & VDOT to reduce speed to 25 MPH, residential awareness signage & flashers for safe street crossing


Additional two lanes West Bound to Dulles Connector Road 

Imposing sound wall & guard rails within neighborhood with inadequate
landscape & fencing

Request to VODT for 9’+ fence to buffer neighborhood, 

landscape and for VDOT
to require Verizon tower grounds maintenance

New Vision for Lee Highway in East Falls Church

Visioning study along Lee Highway Cooridor

East Falls Church is node 5 

Lee Highway Alliance Website






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Welcome to the AEFCCA website:  your resource for neighborhood news and activities for the Arlington-East Falls Church community.  Our next AEFCCA General Meeting will be Thursday March 7, 2019 from 7 - 9 pm at Tuckahoe Elementary School.    Please join your neighbors--and bring your suggestions,…

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AEFCCA General Meeting March 7, 2019 at 7:00pm Tuckahoe Elementary

Join us for the Winter 2019 AEFCCA General Meeting.     Bring your questions, concerns, and kudos to the meeting!



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